Why the Weird Name?

My Cat FredI named this blog icanhasgrace because I’m a devoted fan of LOLCats. For the uninitiated, these cats have their own language and even their own wikiBible. Often you will find the LOLCats working as hard as they can to obtain that ever-elusive cheezburger, much like Wile E. Coyote persuade the Roadrunner to the delight of another generation. And so the Internet phrase was born, “I can has cheezburger?”

Grace can be like that in our lives. Defining it, experiencing it, can be like a cat that’s been taught to stay off the table but is eyeing an unattended cheeseburger. “I know I want it, but how can I get it?” Sometimes we’ve been told so many times that we can’t have it that we hear, “No!” and don’t even reach out for the cheeseburger grace.

icanhasgrace is both a question and a statement. If you read this blog you’ll hear me asking for grace as well as proclaiming, “I have grace!”