First Biking Incident

I’m an amateur biker. For a little over a year now I have biked for exercise and as part of my commute to work. Yesterday after work, I took a short ride near my home and I experienced my first biking incident. Someone riding shotgun in a red car intentionally threw a full cup of ice-cold beverage at me. It hit my hip. The car, which had slowed to match my pace, sped away before I could think to look for the license number. You’d think after all those episodes of CSI I would have a better reaction time.

Aside from getting a little wet, I’m fine. I’m pleased that I stayed the course and didn’t run off the road and into the ditch. I called the city’s non-emergency police line and reported the incident, just in case my new friends where on some drinking-binge tear.

Memorial Day Camping 2009: The Company

Ruth, Doug, Sam, Ben

The Company. I couldn’t be more proud. I am full of gratitude. The weekend simplified life enough to remind me how much I love my children. This last picture was taken at the end of the trip, and everyone looks happy. I call that a success!

However, there’s one person missing from the last picture. Frank worked behind the scenes helping haul our gear in and out of camp. He hates bugs and I couldn’t get him to stay with us. Thank you for your support, Frank.

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