Father’s Day 2009

Booklet my kids made about grace for Father's Day.

Before enjoying a fantastic meal of breaded chicken, all-day cooked green beans, fried apples, stuffed yellow crooked-neck squash, homemade biscuits, and homemade frozen peach yogurt made with activia (yummy, but what the heck?), the kids gave me a booklet called, Glimpses of Grace. It contained a photograph of each of them with an accompanying description of the meaning of grace, written in their own words.

Grace is undeserved, yet it is ours.
We cannot earn it, but through love it is ours.
Through the trouble, through the rain,
We can still receive again.
The grace God gives, the love that lives,
and it is yours.


Grace is like a huge spoiler
But it’s one of those good spoilers
Like it gives away so little that you want to see more
Grace is God’s way of transporting a piece of heaven down to Earth
Like a piece of cake
You have a piece but you know you can’t get more than one
Because everyone wants and gets grace freely
So when you’re feeling down or its Father’s Day and you want a better present than what I’m writing…
…Have a piece of grace



If I could give you a puzzle, how would you solve it? The easy way or the hard way? We don’t really think about that. We just solve it. I suppose that you want me to write something deep about grace. Well, John Wesley talked about grace. Talked about it, read about it, and prayed about it. He didn’t realize it, but grace comes free. When you accept God in your life, which you did!

“Icanhasgrace?” Yes, Everyone can!


Me, Ruth, Sissy, Melissa, Sam, Ben on Father's Day, 2009
Thank you for a fantastic Father’s Day!