Ruth Says She Loves Me. A Lot.

My daughter sent me a reminder of her love via text message. This happened while I was reading a post about the uselessness of microblogging.  It seems the author of the post had lost his feed to twitter for a month. No one noticed, not even himself. It inspired him to slow down on microblogging and to pay more attention to his blog.

I think that’s something I would like to do as well. After all, twitter updates are fleeting things, but blog posts last forever.


If I really post more here at icanhasgrace, I’m going to want one of those new Google tablets coming out this Fall. Typing this much with my thumbs on my phone is for the birds. And they (birds) don’t even have thumbs. Yes, I could have gone upstairs and turned on the desktop computer, but what a pain, right?

To pull all of this together: Ruth texted her love for me in order to soften the news that she wanted to skip church today.  I blog about it on my phone in order to prove how much I need a new gadget. We all want something, right?  And there is something very wrong with that. Twitter, and social media in general, stimulates that part of me that wants more, that part that wants me to buy, to go, to consume.

Even having said that, I still want that tablet in the Fall.