7 thoughts on “Morning Commute Cam: Whiney Trying Not to Complain But Not Very Successfully Questions About Happiness. Sorry.

  1. When stuff isn’t going the way expected, or if it seems like every time I catch a break, something comes along and sabatoges it….. I just have to stop and say to myself… it is all material. Really, I have my family, my job (even though that is a major stressor), my friends to lean on for support, All the other stuff I just deal with it the best way possible. If things aren’t perfect, oh well….life is not perfect. None of us are perfect. Some things are not in our control. I myself like to BE IN CONTROL. But I have started looking at stuff that I don’t have control over, or never can have control over and just let it go. It is not worth the energy to worry over stuff we can’t control.
    I was telling my husband just last night, “We can only do what we can do. We can’t make small trivial things that we can’t control become the elephant in the room. Let the small stuff go.”
    In otherwords….. Wooo Saaaa…….


  2. Yep, life is full of ups and downs. Happiness is an emotion and is prone to come and go on any given day or at any given hour. Joy is a deep-rooted, soul-at-peace thing. The assurance that life is still “good,” since the unshakable God is still in control and still has us in the palm of his hand. Well, at least that’s my take in my two-minute reply.


  3. I struggle with this a lot given that I am in a profession (screenwriter) where my success depends so much on other people, on timeing, on luck, and not so much on how hard I work and how good my work is. I have my day job to make money, and it’s not a bad day job, but it takes so much of my writing time a way I am constantly struggling with happiness, wanting to be in a different place in my life than I am now. What I started doing was waking up each day and thinking about the things I was grateful for, and the one that always stands out the most for me is that I have the freedom to pursue my dream until the day I die. There is not a war being waged outside my door that causes me to worry about my safety at every moment of every day. I am not starving to the point where I cannot concentrate. I have a home, with a desk and a computer where I can sit and do my work each day. I am not being told, because I am a woman, I cannot pursue this or that profession. I have the freedom to pursue my dream. So many children and adults across the world have had that freedom taken away by circumstances beyond their control, or never even had it to begin with. As long as I have that freedom, there is a little piece of happiness in my life each and every day that everything else can grow and bloom from. It always makes me feel better to know that I have that.


  4. I see happiness as an occasional gift, usually serendipitous: an unexpected phone call, a funny song or movie, a joke with an especially clever punch line. I agree with Nicole that joy is the state-of-being worth seeking. Helen Keller is quoted as saying “Happiness cannot come from without; it can only come from within.” I think she was talking about joy.
    I am most likely to experience joy when I put myself in the position to find it. Listening to sacred music brings me joy. Reading about people like Deitrich Bonhoeffer brings me joy. Spending time in nature — even in my own back yard — brings me joy.
    If I’m honest, I’m probably not a very happy person. I cry more than I laugh. I have seen how quickly happiness turns to sadness because of circumstances over which I have no control. But joy . . . I can (usually!) dig deep and find it within my soul. Thank you, Nicole, for reminding me.
    Oh: Happiness + joy = Lulu, my puppy who brings me both!


  5. Ya’ll are awesome. I looked for something to post instead of today’s Commute Cam offering but I couldn’t find anything. It turns out to be one of the best posts because of your responses.

    It’s how grace works, I think. Grateful that i(we)canhasit.


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