A Touch of OCD

Even though this post falls in the category of TMI (too much information), I feel compelled to share some of the thoughts that often run through my head. I consider these thoughts a kind of OCD of the brain. Everyday activities and encounters almost always trigger a memory or an internal thought sequence.

I’m going to list a few to start and if I think of more, I’ll create a new category on the blog and share updates. What I want to know is, am I alone with this sort of thing?

  1. When I spill coffee, I think of when my parents stopped putting cream and sugar in their coffee because they wouldn’t have to deal with sticky coffee rings if they spilled it.
  2. When I scoop out the litter box, I think of LeeGayle commenting on Facebook, “Well, I know I like a clean bowl.”
  3. When I feed the dogs, I silently quote most of the scene from the original Family Dog. (See around 241 below.) Come to think of it, I think of this scene when the kids won’t clean don’t clean their plates, when I have to clean the toilet, or when I have to do some kind of housework I’m not in the mood to do.
  4. When I eat Pringles, I think of Pringle sandwiches and of calling the dolphins. (Name withheld to protect the guilty.) Here’s how you make Pringle sandwiches: Chew a Pringle, spit it out on another Pringle, put a Pringle on top, eat those Pringles, repeat. To call the dolphins, make a high-pitched noise by sucking air through your vocal chords.
  5. I have a litany of seven curse words and phrases that go through my head in the same order when I’m surprised or a little irritated. I learned the litany around the fifth or sixth grade two girls who where cousins to each other.
  6. When I have a good hair day, I think of my friend Lee, who always had perfect hair. He’s bald now.

More to come.