And the Gays Score a Knockout!

I don’t want to become a one-horse issue poster, but…UGH!

Here’s the background: a soccer coach at Belmont University was terminated because she told her class that she and her partner were expecting a child. Since then, the university revised its policy to include anti-discrimination language regarding sexual orientation. Yea for Belmont.

Because Belmont University used to be closely tied to the Southern Baptist Church, good folk from here in the buckle of the Bible belt (Nashville, Tennessee) felt compelled to weigh-in on Belmont’s policy change. I made the mistake of reading some of the editorial comments (and comments on the comments), and I let it get to me. Continue reading

Kleenex Box as Waste Container


Here’s an idea:  Use an empty Kleenex box as a convenient countertop waste container!  When the box is full, discard the whole thing. Just be sure to let other members of your household know what you’re doing. You don’t want them pulling out used tissues thinking they’re going to get a fresh one.