Grow Love

The response is automatic. See. Reach. Unwrap. Taste. Swallow.
What happens when the candy is gone?
Winter is almost over; Spring is coming.
Don’t throw away the cup.
Fill it with dirt.
Plant a seed.
Provide water, and sunlight.
Transplant when the ground is warm.
Watch life grow through Summer and ripen in Fall.

Enjoy a harvest more satisfying than chocolate.

This Weeks Purge: Clothes

Clothing Purge by Doug Hagler

I’m writing this a few days after I packed four trash bags full of clothes into my truck to take to Goodwill. I more than halved the number of clothes in my closet. Everything from dress pants to underwear went into the bags. I cut my wardrobe in half and I still have plenty of clothes, including two pairs of jeans, two pairs of cords for the winter, and three pairs of dress pants for the summer. I kept several dress shirts, polos, and sweaters, and enough underwear and socks to get through the week.

Here is a list of some of the odd articles of clothing I had accumulated over the years:

  • tube socks–I probably kept these so I could wear them with the cowboy boots I never needed
  • three bathing suits–I really only need one. And I know I didn’t need that speedo. 46 year-old men should not wear speedos. Even hot ones like me
  • bikini underwear–No. Just no
  • pastel colored polo shirts, aka Don Johnson from Miami Vice
  • overalls from high school. Yes, they still fit, but let it go man.
  • two wool tuxedo that were given to me but didn’t fit at all.

After dropping off the bags of clothes at Goodwill, I came home and found out that my son, Ben, didn’t have any dress clothes to wear to a semi-formal dance we were all planning to attend that evening. Instead, his clothes were at his mother’s house. I was able to find dress clothes, including shoes, for him to wear, but it left me wearing jeans and a sweater. Several folks at church already knew I was on a mission to drastically declutter and reduce, so I enjoyed telling them about giving away my clothes only to then have to dress Ben in the oneĀ appropriateĀ suite I had left. The truth is, no one cared what I was wearing.

I’ve tackled quite a bit these last three weeks. When the weather gets warmer, I plan to sort through the disaster that is the garage. But unless I think of something else between now and next week, there may not be much left to reduce. If I think of something, you’ll be the first to know.