3 thoughts on “Morning Commute Cam #220: Happiness vs. Joy

  1. a seventh grade boy – we’ll call him Sam H. – helped me understand this distinction in a Sunday School class years ago. I can hear him saying clearly, “Oh… so happiness is like the weather. It can come and go. But joy is like the climate that you live in.” That insight is as powerful to me now as it was that morning. I strive to live in a climate of joy even though happiness may be as fickle as the rain.


  2. Sam H. nailed it, didn’t he? Happiness can be fickle like the weather . . . even when it’s a beautiful day and the forecaster got it right! It’s a rather shallow emotion that can change in a heartbeat. Joy is deep-seated and beyond thunderstorms.

    And thank you, Kara! Your comment touched a deep place of joy in my heart!


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