3 thoughts on “Morning Commute Cam #235: Love Is Dangerous

  1. Thank you for sharing your emotion. Thank you Thank you. Last week I read 1 John 4:18 in the CEB, “love drives out fear, because fear expects punishment.” that was a moment when things clicked for me… I don’t fear the right thing, I don’t fear God’s calling. I fear the condemnation, the embarrassment, the confrontation. Because fear expects the negative, the punishment. But if I abide in the love of God, then even if I go to the table at the center of General Conference, or whatever table it is for me, then I expect grace and mercy and truth to prevail. True love casts out my fear of punishment. I tried to talk with Jeff about this at 6:30am before he had his coffee and it didn’t go well. But now I know I can call you after you’ve brushed your teeth and we can hash these things out. Thank you, Doug!


    • I haven’t ever been in a place that is as peaceful and right-feeling as I am about this. There is nothing to fear in this place! I have lived in fear for so long that I had come to consider it normal. All of that lead to anger, frustration, and even hatred. Certainly if love casts out fear, fear suppresses love.

      I see all kinds of possibility now. The idea of healthy detachment, as opposed to living anxiously, sounds like a real option instead of something made up that I could never do.

      And it’s so simple! Of course, I know it isn’t. But it feels simple. I almost can’t wait to test it! To test the ability to choose love over fear and to see where that leads.

      Bring it!

      And Kara, I love “…or whatever table it is for me.” I get that. Tis excellent!


  2. I thought we, as Americans, as Christians, as humans, would have been past this fear and hatred (which is, IMHO, just super-charged fear) long, long ago. How is it that I am 60 and this has not been relgated to history? Be courageous..be strong and very courageous.


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