Thoughts from a Reluctant Gay Throat-Crammer

I, too, have loved the outpouring of support for marriage equality on Facebook. But I woke up this morning feeling oddly libertarian. (I hope that’s the right political persuasion.)

I woke up as I do every morning, next to my snoring lover, unless it’s the rare occasion when we have had a fight and one of us has escaped to the couch. I woke up embarrassed that nine Supreme Court justices are focused on my relationship as they publicly debate it’s legitimacy. It feels like this intense invasion of privacy.

And then I remember yesterday’s quote from a local radio talk show host about the gays forcing their agenda down the throats of the American people. Would that I had the luxury to roll over and hit the snooze alarm unnoticed.

Surprisingly, I understand how that radio talk show host feels. But let’s say we lived in a world where people who speak into microphones are historically considered an abomination. As a result, the government does not recognize the primary relationship in your  life. You go to work, and other people talk about their wives or husbands, while you either keep you silence or refer to your lover (eww), or life-partner. You have dealt with this kind of thing most of your adult life. Suddenly, the entire country is talking about you. How do you feel? Wait! I don’t want to hear it. Stop your throat-cramming ways and shut up.

The road to equality isn’t an easy ride for anyone. But a little empathy can take us all a long way down that road.