Five Demerits on My Butch Card


Remember how I’d been complaining about a noise my car was making in the morning? I opened the hood to see if I could find something amiss, and this is exactly what I saw. I changed the oil on Saturday and didn’t remove the funnel or replace the oil cap. Both were melted quite a bit. A quick trip to Auto Zone for a replacement cap and I’m good to go.

The Facebook “Real Name” Fix By @SisterRoma

Unfortunately, Facebook is still locking out Sisters from using their names. My partner, Pursefonee, was shut down today.

Drag Queens Galore!

Sister Roma has been at the forefront of the Facebook “Real Name” policy since it started affecting the drag queen community. She’s been very vocal and was a huge part of the resolution. There have been a lot of issues with getting everyone affected by the policy straightened out. Sister Roma has a direct line to getting everyone fixed. Send your inquiries to and tell any of your friends who’ve been affected the same. Sister Roma remains a constant beacon of light during some of the darkest times and will do so for many years to come. On behalf of everyone in the community, we’d like to send a special shout out to Sister Roma and all those advocates who do so much!


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Blogging: Is It Worth It?


My renewed commitment to writing has resulted in my using the Discover feature in WordPress. The results? Y’all are good, and I feel intimidated.

Most of the posts I read where written by bloggers with the ability to convince me that watching paint dry is as exciting as the grand opening of the world’s fastest roller-coaster. I read about comfort food, the impending decline of facial hair among hipster men, and the importance of listening.

While the subject matter varied widely, I noticed a few consistency. People on WordPress can spell, at least from what I can tell. I’m horrible at spelling, which makes me grateful for the word predictor on my phone. Good bloggers are serious about blogging. It appears that the most engaging writers spend a significant amount of time writing. Images get my attention. It doesn’t matter what the topic is or how well it’s written, I’m more likely to read a post if it has an image along with it. Really good writers blog about their passions. Their enthusiasm makes me excited to read their posts, even if it’s about something I know nothing about.

So, why am I intimidated? Well, I’ve already said I’m a bad speller. I’m not sure yet how much time I’m going to put into writing. I enjoy taking pictures, but pairing them with a post every time I write feels overwhelming. I know what I’m passionate about, but I worry about what my kids/mom/sister/lover/friends/coworkers will think when they read my innermost thoughts, posted for all the world to see.

This blogging, it’s risky business if it’s done well. Tell me: am I doing it for the right reasons? Am I making too much of it? Is it worth it?