Day the Three.Two: Or Total Eclipse of the Heart

Random (or not so random—I believe what was supposed to be said was said) storytelling, singing, and dancing around the fire pit as we waited for glimpses of the lunar eclipse to break through the clouds. This was punctuated by a crescendo of drums. What a show!

It felt both profound and frivolous. It felt ancient, and yet it was a new experience for me.

I spoke of the cherished rarity of community and invited those gathered to be grateful. An elder among us stood and sang a song about gratitude. It was lovely.

I also taught the group Teddy the Tree, complete with hand motions, from Camp Cedar Crest counselor days.

Teddy the tree goes _______ (arms out like a tree). He looks at me and goes  _______. He never laughs or sings never does anything. Just looks at me and goes  _______.

Ricky the rock…
Rocky the racoon…
Ella the elephant…

Good times.

Day the Three.One: Or Dinner of Seven Wonders

A great deal of effort went into this evening’s meal. The buffet (always great food) was transformed into a fine dining establishment. We were seated and served seven courses beginning with spicy pumpkin soup, brought to table in a pumpkin bowl. Pickled vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, roasted squash, chocolate-covered toffee, hibiscus tea. All was accompanied by music and narrative. It was the meal of seven wonders.

The table conversation was light-hearted and merry. I got to spend time with Sister Decca.

The experience made me think of a love feast in the Wesleyan tradition. I was filled with gratitude for the amount of planning and work the kitchen team put into make this happen. I thought of other times when people have surprised me with unexpected grace. It springs from an attitude of abundance rather than scarcity. It opens one’s heart to joy.