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icanhasgrace is a statement, a plea, a demand, and a prayer.

icanhasgrace is about finding grace in everyday life.

icanhasgrace is about living my calling to inspire joy, end guilt, and be love as a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence.

icanhasgrace is my attempt to share my passions.

About Me

My name is Doug. I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m a web editor, partner (such a strange word. It makes me think of cowboys and business arrangements), and father to four wonderful (now adults!) children. I am also known as Sister Ann Wenita Morelove of the Music City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. .

11 thoughts on “About

  1. I think this is lovely. I love the last line “Because when I get sidetracked…”. So you. The camping trip with the kids looked fun! Great looking pancakes.


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  3. Hello Doug,

    I doubt that you remember me and my family but I went to your church in Counce Tennessee. The really trying one. I was the converted catholic that kept calling you father. Tina ran across your website and sent it to me. I am so glad that you are doing so well and are happy. The last I heard of you, you were going through some VERY hard times. The kids are so grown. It is still a shock even though mine are 19 & 16. You knew Hayley as a 2 year old but never met Zach. You had a significant impact on my life of which I am still very grateful. Both Tina and I wanted to say hi.

    We are now living in Summerville South Carolina. Hayley is finishing her first year at North Greenville University, a Baptist University. Yes we are currently Baptist. We made the move because the church was really good for the kids. God sent here there. I say this because he provided the money. Zach is a sophomore in high school and is very active in the NJROTC. That is the Navy Junior ROTC. Well I have to get back to work, I just wanted to say a quick hi.


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      • Dahlink, I came back here to review this that I read and replied just about a year ago. You need to update it now…the strange word, partner, is no longer that word. You are a husband. What a difference a year makes. For in a year we have found even more grace. Cheers!


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