Why the weird name for this site?

See my post on the subject here.

Why the weird split picture?

I’m Doug (on the left) and Sister Ann Wenita Morelove, a member of the Music City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Why don’t I see my comment when I post?

When you post a comment, I have to approve it before it shows up on the site. After I approve you once, I think your comments will show up without approval. If you leave a comment about a post and don’t see it, it’s because it’s waiting for me to click a button. This also helps weed out spammers.

Don’t let it discourage you. I want your comments. I read them all and respond to most.

Why do you keep talking about “Little Saints” or “Lovely People.”

Little Saints and Lovely People are the readers of icanhasgrace. I held a contest and “Little Saints” won. Later, Sister Ann started calling folks “Lovely People.” They mean the same thing.

Do people really frequently ask you these questions, or did you just make them up?

I made them up. But I like to think that nobody ever asks me these questions because I did such a good job of anticipating what people might ask.

3 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. I love the videos in “About the Blog”…you have come such a long way since you started this blog, Doug. So amazed at all you’ve accomplished in a few years…and just a tad envious. 😀


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