Biking the Trace

Sign at Beginning of Natchez Trace Parkway, Nashville

Frank and I loaded our bikes on the Jeep and made a quick stop at the local Waffle House to carb up (lol). Then we drove with the top down to where the Trace meets Highway 100, southwest of Nashville.

After our ride, we swung by The Factory near Franklin, Tennessee. There’s a Viking store there and there’s no way Chef Frank can resist having a look around when ever he’s in the area. We ended our trip with a late lunch at Saffire.

Rockland Recreational Area, Hendersonville, TN

This Army Corp of Engineers recreation area is just 4 miles from my house. The look of the place reminds me of the campground the kids and I visited over Memorial Day weekend. There’s a lock dividing Old Hickory Lake and the Cumberland River, fantastic shaded areas with picnic tables, and fishing. The only thing missing is camping facilities. I wish it had them; it would be so much easier to go camping closer to home.

I rode my bike to Rockland this evening. It was a hot but enjoyable ride.

Two Men Fishing Below the Lock

First Biking Incident

I’m an amateur biker. For a little over a year now I have biked for exercise and as part of my commute to work. Yesterday after work, I took a short ride near my home and I experienced my first biking incident. Someone riding shotgun in a red car intentionally threw a full cup of ice-cold beverage at me. It hit my hip. The car, which had slowed to match my pace, sped away before I could think to look for the license number. You’d think after all those episodes of CSI I would have a better reaction time.

Aside from getting a little wet, I’m fine. I’m pleased that I stayed the course and didn’t run off the road and into the ditch. I called the city’s non-emergency police line and reported the incident, just in case my new friends where on some drinking-binge tear.