Blue Love

Bluebird Chicks

Back and forth. In and out. The bluebirds work throughout the day to feed their chicks. Is it really work that drives them? Instinct? Or is it love? If love makes possible all that is, then I see love at work as I watch the bluebirds.

The bluebirds’ love spills over me. As I observe them, my heart rate slows. My respiration steadies. My stress melts away. I feel love.

I hear their sweet, soft song. It sounds like comfort. It sounds like promise. It sounds like love.

Sunday’s Shot of Grace: Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk by Doug Hagler

I left work in West Nashville, Tennessee and this beautiful creatures swooped across the road, almost at eye level. The hawk’s destination was the top of the telephone pole. It sat there long enough to get my camera out of my backpack and snap off several shots. I think he or she liked having his or her picture taken.