Whitman or Facebook?

Walt Waltmin and Facebook logo

Not only is there not enough time for both Whitman and Facebook, but also, more importantly, there’s not enough space in my brain.

Reading Walt Whitman makes me slow down. I can’t scroll/like/scroll/refresh as is my wont on Facebook. Facebook is drive-through fast food. Whitman is a sit-down, five-course (or at least three-course) meal. But just like stopping at Sonic for a number one with tater tots and a vanilla sweet tea can easily become a habit, scrolling Facebook can become one too. Do it too much and I start to feel lousy.

You are what you eat. I don’t want to be Facebook. I want to be Whitman. Anyone who’s been on a diet will tell you it isn’t easy to stick with it long enough to see change. But it’s possible.

I’m going to change my diet from Facebook to Whitman. And I might let my beard grow out again 😜

Fall Depression

Ever heard of it? I think I have it. I had heard about seasonal depression but I thought it only applied to winter. Silly, I know, since the name says seasonal.

Here are contributing factors for me:

  • I don’t like the decrease in daylight hours. Not having time at home after work with sunlight makes me feel like I’m being cheated.
  • I don’t the cooler temperatures. I have to bundle up after changing clothes at the gym and it’s a pain.
  • It feels like a new year is beginning, but I’m stuck doing the same things. This is left over from years of starting school in the fall. Those beginnings always brought with feelings of excitement, as if anything were possible. Now I just get up and go to work. Again. Like I did yesterday; like I will tomorrow.
  • I follow on instagram all these happy-looking people who live on the beech. Seeing them is depressing as hell.
  • I wake up sleepy. The alarm goes off and I grown, no matter how much sleep I’ve had.

The experts say I need more light in my life. Since I can’t move closer to the equator, I will give that a try and see what happens.

Do you suffer from seasonal depression? What do you do to feel better?