From Ashes to Glitter

glitterheartA handful of Music City Sisters and Sister Mary-Go-Round hit the bars last night, offering glitter blessings in observance of (Sm)Ash Wednesday.

“It’s Ash Wednesday! May we offer you a blessing?”
“Um I dunno…what do I have to do?”
“Well, first you have to decide if you want it with glitter, or oral only…”
…We’d banter back and forth, laughing together until eventually we offered these words as blessing:

You are a person of joy.

Be yourself without guilt.

Protect yourself and those you love.

More often than not, the smiles transformed into looks of solemn wonder. I heard things like, “Thank you, Sister.” “That was wonderful.” “Wow.”

Near the end of the night, and after having consumed a few drinks, I was winding up a blessing when, on that last line, this slipped out: “…and proclaim….” I stopped short of saying what I was about to say, which was, “…and proclaim the gospel.” I smiled, laughed and recovered to finish the blessing.
As I walked away, I started tearing up. You see, I was a pastor for ten years in a denomination that, while struggling with the issue, describes homosexuality as “incompatible with Christian teaching.” I was quietly forced to leave that vocation after finally coming to terms with my own sexuality.
The tears came when I realized the slip–up wasn’t really a slip-up at all. As a Sister, I am still in ministry. I am still proclaiming the gospel of love. Only now I get to do it with a cocktail in my hand while looking fabulous.

I Am Not an Issue…

…I am a human being. I’m sad because my church’s failure to be at the forefront of rights for lgbt persons no longer surprises me.

How long, O Lord?

United Methodist bishops to file complaint against retired bishop for performing gay wedding – The Washington Post.

Thank you, Bishop Talbot,
for you compassion, grace, and prophetic voice.

Presbyterians Vote on Homosexual Clergy

The Presbyterian Church-USA, one of the nation’s oldest and largest mainline Christian denominations, is in the middle of a crucial vote among its leadership to determine whether or not open homosexuals will be allowed to fill the church’s pulpits.

The Presbyterian Response to Homosexual Clergy

gay angry jesus « LOVE IS FIERCE

Are anger and love two sides of the same coin?

“…they dance together Anger and Love, and for every spin that Anger makes, Love makes an equal move; each twist of Love is balanced by a twirl of Anger.  They move together through our lives. Love is vast – and so is her anger.”

Read what a blogger named David has to say in this post: gay angry jesus « LOVE IS FIERCE.This guy is good!

Part of President Obama’s Statement on the Repeal of DADT, Slightly Modified

…no longer will [the church] be denied the service of thousands of [faithful Christians] forced to leave [the church], despite years of exemplary performance, because they happen to be gay. And no longer will many thousands more be asked to live a lie in order to serve [the church] they love.

Read the real statement here: