Ben’s Birthday Party

Fifteen-Year-Old-Ben Blowing Out His Candles

After a fantastic brunch of eggs, sausage, pancakes, hashbrowns, and biscuits prepared by his aunt, grandmother, and Melissa, Ben plugged in his new XBox 360 and gamed all afternoon with his friend, Craig. World of Warcraft Mountain Dew, both Horde and Alliance, included.

Click here to see pictures from the party.

Please Visit the Blog, Alice and Kev

Today, I stumbled upon a blog called Alice and Kev. Rather than potentially discourage you from having a look by describing it here, take a moment (or several if you get hooked like I did) to admire the simplicity, creativity, and purpose of this blog.

How I wish I could be so creative!

The author of the blog breaks all the rules of blogging (no tagging, no blogroll to encourage incoming links, etc.) but one: He blogs his passion.