On Holy Saturday


Holy Saturday is an in-between day. The Irish would call it a thin place, where the spiritual world slips into the created world.

On Holy Saturday, we continue to reel from the enormity of Christ’s suffering and death on the cross. We struggle to grasp the meaning of his passion and to adjust our thinking to the knowledge that our lives, the world–yes, even the whole of creation–is forever responsible and guilty, yet, forgiven and redeemed.

Even so, on Holy Saturday we well know: Easter is coming. Easter is coming with resurrection! Easter is coming with victory over sin and death! Easter is coming with new and eternal life!

Holy Saturday, more than any other day, is the day that best embodies all the days of our lives. It is a day of pain remembered and of joy anticipated.

Holy Saturday is the already-not-yet day.

And so, with hearts full of sadness and joy, let us be grateful.