It’s Been Two Days Since My Last Workout

My Arm after a WorkoutIt’s been two days since my last workout. Now that may not sound like such a big deal, but working out has become increasingly important to me. I get a little anxious if I don’t carve out the hour or so it takes to hit the gym and run through my cardio or weight routine. I’ve been working out regularly for five years now. I’ve come to see it as a necessary part of my day.

The fact that I do it at all still amazes me. I have started and stopped at various times throughout my life. Never overweight (really kind of skinny), I never stuck with a program long enough to feel the benefits.

How did I finally get into a fitness routine? It took hooking up with a personal trainer. My partner and I and another couple split the cost of scheduling time with a trainer. Eventually working with the trainer got too expensive because the couple dropped out of the picture. However, I stayed with it long enough to begin to understand the basics and to overcome feeling intimidated at the gym.

After I left the trainer, I joined the local YMCA where I followed the Body for Life program. I stayed with the Y for three years, and now I’m a member of a gym hosted by a local church. It’s an incredible facility that costs me in a year what I was paying for a monthly family membership at the Y.

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