Elves Down!

I was sitting on the couch waiting for the Christmas ham to finish boiling when the roomba hit the elves’ ladder. I watched in slow-motion horror as they all came tumbling down in a cascade of Christmas carnage.

Then this happened…

Elves Revenge

Then this happened…

Ah, Baileys

Merry Christmas.


Christmas Decorations

It took two days and three of us working on it, but Christmas is up. I still have the holiday dishes and winter mugs to switch out, but I can do that tomorrow after I have a chance to stop at the grocery store and get my first carton of egg nog.

In the days ahead, I have very few presents to buy because those of us who are over twenty-one will contribute to a local charity instead I exchanging gifts. I have to get the country ham, make the apple-orange cake, and eventually being greens into the house. But after this weekend I feel caught up.

I enjoy this time of year. My family observes many holiday traditions and I’m looking forward to seeing how they may change now that Frank and I are grandparents. Little man is going to love all the twinkling lights.