Sunday’s Shot of Grace: Patriotism

Golden Triangle Youth by Doug Hagler

For several years, Belmont United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, has been the church home for families from Burma. Read more about The Golden Triangle Fellowship here.

On this Memorial Day weekend, the youth from the group sang God Bless America in worship. As a rule, I don’t respond well to mixing patriotism with religion. But something was different about hearing these particular youth sing this particular song. It was a moment of unexpected grace.

Memorial Day Camping 2009: The Company

Ruth, Doug, Sam, Ben

The Company. I couldn’t be more proud. I am full of gratitude. The weekend simplified life enough to remind me how much I love my children. This last picture was taken at the end of the trip, and everyone looks happy. I call that a success!

However, there’s one person missing from the last picture. Frank worked behind the scenes helping haul our gear in and out of camp. He hates bugs and I couldn’t get him to stay with us. Thank you for your support, Frank.

You can see more photos from our camping trip by clicking here.