First Week Without Sam: The Puppy Pad Is Clean

Puppy Pad

There hasn’t been a puppy in our house for years, but for months we have had to leave a puppy pad out overnight because someone had been using this throw rug as a urinal.

I have suspected our Cocker, Bessie, as she’s getting on in years and the breed is known to have bladder control issues. Frank blames Joe, my dog, because Bessie is the princess and would never soil the floor. I have also accused our cat Ming, who I know has recently freaked out about the litter box (through that whole in the door), probably because he doesn’t like squeezing his fat ass through the kitty door.

But, to my surprise, the pad was dry last night and all day today. As many of you know, this is Sam’s first day away at college. Never has it occurred to me to think Sam was the responsible party. I will let the evidence speak for itself. You be the judge.

It’s Caturday!

Fred Asleep

Today marks the beginning of a new weekly post of pet pictures, probably mostly of cats. For now, I’m calling it Caturday. Yes, I know I’ve stolen that from other places on the web. And yes, I know there are a gazillion pictures of pets and specifically of cats out there. But there aren’t a gazillion pictures of my cats on the web. So I’ll work to correct that, one Caturday at a time.

This, of course, is Fred. Fred came to us from the Freedom Farm Rescue Program. Fred’s Uncle Mike says he’s a dog-cat, meaning he’s not stand-offish like most cats, but likes to be in the center of things and loves loves loves belly rubs. Fred also likes to sleep a lot.