Turn Away the Gay Laws


Any business who is turning anyone away from services based on religious belief is not Christian. I’ve said it before: if you disagree with another person’s beliefs or actions, your only option is to pray for that person. It’s right out of Jesus’ mouth, folks: “Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.”

Now, if you’re praying for someone, really praying, 99% of the time God is going to change you. So just prepare yourself for that.

The real kicker is, as a Christian, what I just wrote applies to me as well. All these idiots who claim to need a law to defend their bigotry? Damn it! All I can do as a Christian is pray for them. And I have to be open to how God will change me when I do.

But let me set aside the Christian aspect of what’s happening Tennessee, Georgia, Kansas, and Arizona. I absolutely disagree that these movements are in any way Christian based, but there may really be those who believe it. Is it okay for businesses to discriminate based on sexual orientation? I’m really asking the question. Race is protected. Religion is protected. Age is protected. Gender is protected. Religion is protected. Disability is protected. But there is no federal law that protects LGBT individuals. Am I right about that?

Businesses can discriminate based on the clothes you wear (or don’t wear). Why is that? If my religion requires me to keep my face covered, but your business requires that your face be identifiable, who’s right wins?

I believe religious freedom, even religion that I disagree with, should be protected. Why is it my right to make the local bakery cater my same-sex wedding?