That Moment When…

pop tarts

…you remember you bought pop tarts last week.

Thanksgiving and Christ the King

CHRIST OUR KING counsels a lifestyle of simplicity and trust. Look around you at the simple beauty and plenitude that God has so generously given; let go of the cultural inducements to “need” this, “need” that, endlessly buying in the temples of the economy. Live simply, trusting God to supply all our needs – in the “supplying,” God redefines our needs. As we learn to trust God’s generosity in this kingdom of God, we will learn to be generous ourselves.

From “Remembrance and Anticipation” by Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki, page 342 in The Upper Room Disciplines 2012: A Book of Daily Devotions. Copyright © 2011 by Upper Room Books.


Zombies have a robust history that Wikipedia summarizes well. The other day I was watching a random Zombie movie while catching up on some blog surfing when a thought struck me: Zombies are a caricature of mindless consumerism. We fear them because we recognize their mindless drive to feed in our own mindless need for more stuff. We keep cheering for the zombie slayers because we identify with the heros who fight and survive, even as we inwardly desire to break the cycle of spending, acquiring, and consuming.

Think about zombies the next time you have to watch a television show and can’t fast-forward through the commercials. “MMMMM.”

Count the number of mind-numbing offers that land in your mailbox and inbox on any given day. “UHHHH.”

The next time you go shopping at the mall, have a seat and watch the people shuffling in and out of the stores. Imagine them as zombies. “BRAINS.”

This Week’s Purge: The Purple Martin House

Sparrow Nests by Doug HaglerOne spring afternoon, I was working outside when I saw a couple of swallow-like birds circling, gliding, and swooping above the backyard. Less than three days later, I had installed a purple martin house.

I grew up with a purple martin house in the backyard. I looked forward to their return each spring when I could listen to their cheerful song and watch their graceful aerobatics. Martins are coveted birds to have around because their diet consists solely of mosquitos.

The swallow-like birds I saw i turned out to be barn swallows, and I’ve never seen them again.I spent the next three years trying to keep sparrows from nesting in the martin house. Yes, despite scripture and the famous Southern gospel hymn, I do not like sparrows. They’re mean to other birds, invasive, and prolific. They’re like the the roaches of the bird world.

Before the sparrows start building their nests once more, I decided that I would make the purple martin house this week’s purge. Good riddance!