It’s Time to Write


For a number of months, I’ve kept icanhasgrace alive almost exclusively with tumblr pictures and commute cam videos. This is my accountability post marking a renewed commitment to write.

As with everything on this blog, the main requirement is that I create content with my phone. Pictured above is a compact bluetooth keyboard and my trusty Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The photo was taken with my Samsung Gear watch (first generation), and edited on the phone using the Pixlr app.

My future posts won’t be as geeked out as this one. I have thoughts. Deep thoughts. I’m going to start using this blog as therapy. (Sorry, family.)

Stay tuned! And thank you for subscribing and reading.

The Galaxy Note 3


New phone for me. Yes, it’s huge. But I don’t have a tablet or an iPad and I don’t plan to get one. This is the perfect alternative. I’m lovin it.

It took a while to get setup. Especially, syncing up the Eye Fi card in my camera. Finally got it figured out I think the results look great.

Sam is getting my galaxy s4. It’s an early graduation present. Yep, his senior recital is today and he graduate in the spring. Amazing!