Pictures for Pages on Facebook

Facebook IconHere’s something to think about: Look at the thumbnail version of your page on Facebook. Is it something that friends or page fans will recognize? We love updating images of our stuff! But many of the images we see on Facebook don’t work well, especially in the thumbnail versions. And thumbnails are what it’s all about on Facebook. People come to your actual page only once to sign up or to like the page. After that, they the look for you on their newsfeed. They see your full page picture one time. They see the thumbnail version every time they go to Facebook and you have posted something that shows up in their feed.

Remember, it’s all about the thumbnail view.

People want to recognize you quickly in their newsfeeds. Often, images become so small in the thumbnail view that they’re unrecognizable. Or sometimes there just isn’t a clear spot to choose from for that thumbnail version. Also, changing the image on Facebook is great for people, but not so much for products. When people look at their newsfeeds on Facebook, they are scanning. New pictures don’t always facilitate that.
For an example of a good picture of a page, take a look at National Geographic’s profile picture and wall: Especially look at the thumbnail version on the wall.

Once you create a good thumbnail version of for your page, keep it for a good long time. Changing the image frequently on Facebook might be good for people, but it isn’t good of products.
For the true geeks among us: Facebook recommends that profile/page pictures be 200 pixels wide. For the all-important thumbnail, you can drag the image around to different parts of your picture, but you cannot expand the thumbnail selections. It’s best to allow a 12 pixel border around the most important information you want to communicate so it will appear in the thumbnail. Again, look above at what National Geographic did.