Mourning Rooster

See N Say

Every morning, this rooster across the hollow crows in a minor key. It makes me think of that children’s toy, the See N Say. What if the rooster from that toy sounded like this mournful bird I hear crowing every day?

I can imagine the play time. The parent says, “What does the cow say?” “Mooooo!” the child replies happily. “What does the dog say?” “Arf! Arf!” comes the reply with a smile.” And what does the rooster say?” Sad face, lips pouted, shoulders slumped, “Cockadoodledoo.”

What happened in this poor rooster’s life that taught him this melancholy cry? Maybe nothing specific happened. Maybe the rooster isn’t a morning rooster. Maybe the rooster is just being realistic.

I hear you, and I see you, mourning rooster.

The Tic

It started sometime yesterday in my left upper lip. We’ll call it my sneer muscle. It’s firing of its own accord, an involuntary twitch that pulls on my lip and my nose. To look at me, I don’t think you’d see it when it happens.

What’s going on here? Is it stress? Caffeine? Nicotine (from vaping)? Testosterone levels? Pinched nerve? Google it. Oh God, whatever you do, don’t Google it.

bearded tick

Like I said: nobody’s going to notice it.

Five Demerits on My Butch Card


Remember how I’d been complaining about a noise my car was making in the morning? I opened the hood to see if I could find something amiss, and this is exactly what I saw. I changed the oil on Saturday and didn’t remove the funnel or replace the oil cap. Both were melted quite a bit. A quick trip to Auto Zone for a replacement cap and I’m good to go.