Greg Davis, Belmont UMC Custodian, Dies

Mr. Davis suffered a heart attack on Sunday, May 17 as he was locking the church after worship. He was rushed to nearby Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville where he died an hour later.

I knew Greg only in passing, but Frank shared a story regarding Greg’s commitment to Belmont that’s worth passing along.

I’ve taught Disciple Bible Study almost every Sunday night since September. For several Sundays in the beginning, I arrived at the church a little early so I could set the room up the way I wanted it. The tables in the room we used were always set up in an open rectangle, with a large space in the center. I thought it was important to close up that space, so each week I arranged the tables closer together in order to physically pull the group closer together.

I saw Greg every Sunday because it was his job to work when groups were meeting at the church. One Sunday evening he came by as I was rearranging the tables and asked, “Why do you do that?” I explained my thinking. Greg looked at me and nodded his head.

The next Sunday I arrived early, as usual, and the tables where already arranged the way I wanted them. After our session, I started moving the tables back. Greg showed up before I could finish and insisted on doing it himself. “It’s my job,” he said.

I can think of many people who would have looked at the whole table-moving exercise as being frivolous–even a pain in the butt. But Greg did not. Greg handled it with grace.

May we rejoice in the knowledge that Greg now knows the fullness of grace.

There will be a memorial service for Greg Davis at Belmont UMC this Thursday, May 21, at 2:00 p.m. in the sanctuary.  Following the service, there will be a reception for the family in the Community Center.

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