Bus People

For $2.10, you can ride an express bus from the suburbs to downtown Nashville. That fee also buys you a membership in an exclusive club made up of people from all walks of life. However, even though I overhear conversations about birthdays, work-related gossip, or vacation plans, I know very little about my associate club-members. I assume they have jobs, hobbies, interests, and people who love them as well as people whom they love. But when we purchase our fares and renew our memberships, each of us becomes a stereotype. A few of us slide in and out of the categories. I have played the role of them all except the last one. Maybe one day. 🙂

Woman Sleeping on the BusThe Sleepers

Some sleepers fight the inevitable. I can gauge how successful they are at resisting sleep by how accurately the movements of their heads reflect every bump and curve in the road. Others plan to sleep and prop up their heads with their hands or bring pillows to lean against.

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