Shopping @ Old Navy

I just spent $150 on swimsuits for all three kids plus one outfit for Ruth. The boys’ swimsuits go on sale tomorrow and I can get a price adjustment. I’ll be sure to do that and bring my camera with me. I want a picture of those creepy supermodelquins.


I’m glad I took the time to go back (sotra). Today started a men’s store-wide half-price sale. I got $30 back on the boys’ swim trunks after the price adjustment! But then I spent that plus $20 on stuff for me.

2 thoughts on “Shopping @ Old Navy

  1. The thing is, I watch very little TV, and I go to Old Navy even less. But when I walked in the store and saw those manniquins, I instantly recognized them. I said something to a store clerk about how effective they were as a marketing tool. She said she was just glad they stopped having them talk randomly over the in-store sound system. I can understand why she’d be happy about that.


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