A Family Fourth

I spent an enjoyable evening with Frank’s family at his mother’s house on the Fourth, where we had way more food than we needed. The company was great, but the real treat was watching the fireworks show from Carolyn’s deck. A thunderstorm threaten the local fireworks show, so park officials decided to start before it was completely dark. I got to try my hand at taking pictures of fireworks.
Fireworks at Moss Wright Park, Goodletsville, Tennessee
Click here to see the photostack flash.

5 thoughts on “A Family Fourth

    • Thanks, LV1! I picked up a tripod at target. I don’t have a remote so I set the delay for the lowest it would go (1 sec) and had it take three pics at a time. I took a LOT of pictures. I figured at least some of them would be timed right.


  1. Hmm, I didn’t think firework photography was too hard with the right equipment… At any rate, You got some good ones! The one in your post here and the last in the flash stack were my favorites! For what it’s worth that flash thing didn’t show all of the vertical photos on my screen. Could just be this laptop? *shrug*



    • Thanks for the comment, Clamroll.

      I’ve noticed that problem on a laptop before, too. It works fine on my Mac, but on a Vivo(?) it wouldn’t load at all, even though I know it had Adobe Flash installed.

      Was it chopping off the vertical pics, or something else?


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