When Nature Gets Too Close

We have a doe living in our backyard, complete with a fawn. There’s an ongoing debate as to whether this is cute or a nuisance. I vote for nuisance.

She’s eating our flowers and bushes, and the dogs are afraid to go out at night. She’s chased poor Joe (the mutt) around the yard on at least three different occasions. I’m afraid he’s going to get hurt.

As pretty as the doe and fawn are, I’d prefer they move on.

10 thoughts on “When Nature Gets Too Close

  1. You know all those Walmart plastic bags? And the aluminum pie plates? If you are “country” enough to hang ’em from the trees and shrubs, no more deer. But then your couldn’t take such a great picture!


  2. Clean out your hair brushes and scatter it around the perimeter of your yard. The smell of humans should keep her away, or at least out of your flowers. If you buy 100lbs of grain and feed her you can also avoid the flower issue. Scatter the grain a little farther away from your house each day until she moves on, or gets so fat you can kill her after she weens the fawn. Human unrine also helps… surely you five guys can take care of that, LOL.

    Remember, that deer has God’s grace too. Maybe you should look at the whole thing from the perspective of the deer. That was her land before your subdivision tore down all the trees and built the houses. I’m just sayin’….


  3. Call me the wide-eyed idealist. I think it’s wonderful that we have this amazing visitor staying with us for the summer. The dogs need to learn to live with others just as we do. I don’t wanna hear any more talk of venison or recipes. THE DEER STAYS!!! And that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂


  4. I was going to say I bet the deer wishes you would move on too but Lady Vols said it much more eloquently; and the grain suggestion is great. I’m glad Frank likes the deer. 🙂


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