My Daughter Is a Young Lady. I Do Not Like It.

Do you have a teen-aged daughter? When was the first time you saw her as a woman? Can you remember how that made you feel?

It happened to me on Facebook while I was looking at her recently updated profile picture. I told her to take the picture down (I was half serious.) I told her to put her hair in pig tails. Yes, yes–I know I have to let her grow up. But why does she have to do it in front of me? And isn’t it supposed to happen on a Saturday night as she walks down the stairs prepared for a first date? Or, better yet, at her wedding? It certainly isn’t supposed to happen on Facebook.

daughter looking older

One thought on “My Daughter Is a Young Lady. I Do Not Like It.

  1. A tender post. I love reading things from a Dad’s perspective… and just wait for that father-daughter dance at her wedding. Practice dancing with her now. Trust me, she’ll remember it always:)


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