Top Ten Apps on My Android

Motorola 'DroidHere’s my list. I had a hard time leaving out a few of the apps like Pandora, Rhapsody, Foursquare and others, but I have limited myself to 10. I may have to come back later for an update.

All of these apps are free.

10. Amazon — Login to your amazon account and buy stuff, but be sure to use the barcode scanner on books so your phone will take you straight to Amazon’s costumer reviews.

9. WordPress — You can blog from your phone.

8. Handcent SMS — This texting app has a sharper looking interface than the one that comes installed on the droid.

7. Twitter for Android — There are many alternatives. But why mess with perfection? Simple and clean.

6. Bible by LifeChurch — This app offers a gazillion versions of the Bible, but alas, no NRSV. However, I like it for the reading plans. I started the Psalms-in-a-Month about two weeks ago.

5. The Gallery — This comes installed and manages pictures and videos. The neatest thing about it is if you upload pictures to Picasa. Images in this Google-owned online photo site automatically link to your ‘droid’s gallery. That means you don’t use storage space on your phone for images, but you always have access to them.

4. Pixelpipe — Love, love, love this. Take a picture and decide where you want to post it online. You can decide if you want to picture to go to your Flickr account, Twitter, Facebook, blog, Foursquare check-in ,or all of them. There are other “pipe” upload options as well. (4b. Qik is very similar except it’s for video.)

3. Calorie Counter — Just amazing. This app syncs with While I’m not a fan of the site’s name, take a look at the it to see what you get on the app. I’ve never counted calories before because I found it too difficult to do. This app scans barcodes and imports nutritional information. It saves meals you eat regularly. It has an exercise diary to estimate the calories going out. I like knowing how much protein I’m eating every day.

2. DroidFit — It took me over an hour to get this highly customizable application set the way I wanted it, but I use it every day at the gym. Preset your goals and work through your workout, verifying the sets, reps, and weights you use as you go. It even adds a timer between sets. Review your workouts and accept automated challenges to increase weight or reps. This is a fantastic app.

1. OurGroceries — This app rocks. Never write a list again to take to the store. AND, it syncs with iphones and blackberries. Everyone using it logs in to the same lists so whoever is at the store knows what to get. Cross items off the list by touching the screen. Also access your lists online. Make a list for what you have in your pantry, fridge, and freezer so you can know what you don’t need to buy. Easy to use. I love it!

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