Commute Cam Contest: Winner Gets a Free Pizza!

(Grrrrrr! Somebody please help me solve the audio/video out-of-sync-problem! Step it up, Motorola Droid and Verizon. I have checked with you both and you say you are unaware of the problem. Do a google search and you’ll see that others are, though it’s random. It happens at recording and not on upload. It happens randomly. Please, a little help?!)

What do YOU want to be called?

Lady GaGa calls her fans “Little Monsters.” The wonderful visitors at icanhasgrace need a name for themselves, too.

Here’s the idea for the contest:

  1. Submit your idea for naming icanhasgrace visitors in the comment section below.
  2. One idea for a name per person.
  3. Please use a valid email address when you login to leave a comment so I can get in touch with you if your idea is the winner.
  4. Submit your idea by Monday night, July, 12, 7:00 pm central time.
  5. I’ll post a poll where everyone can vote for your favorite name. Voting ends July 23.
  6. The person who submits the winning name will win a free, large, Domino’s pizza with three toppings of their choice. (If Domino’s doesn’t live in your area, we can talk about which pizza place in your area will deliver.)
  7. The winner and new name for icanhasgrace groupies will be announced on Monday, July 26.

So, get to submitting ideas!

10 thoughts on “Commute Cam Contest: Winner Gets a Free Pizza!

  1. Great Idea! Darn it that we can only submit one idea though.
    Little Fishermen….. Reason is that when I think of followers of Jesus, the first thing I think of in the Bible is his recruitment of fishermen to be his disicples.


  2. I have two ideas…

    1. Sticking with the sin theme… how about “sinnergizers?” Ya know… like the Energizer bunny? He keeps going and going… and we somehow keep sinning and sinning even though we know we should be doing everything we do for the glory of God

    2. Going with the name of the blog… “Gracies” Like roadies and groupies, just looking for Grace!

    I love watching to your commute cams!


  3. Hi, Doug! Happy Caturday. Rebekah and I loved seeing your fur babies!

    My contest submission is: “the dotCOMers”–Christians On a Mission? …trying to figure out how to say it (like–the .”COMers. Make sense?


  4. I was thinking the Transgressors. Because as sinners, at one time or another, we fail to follow Gods commandments but God’s Grace is always there for us.


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