The Fish Are the First to Go

Fish Tank

This is my first post in response to The 100 Thing Challenge. I’m halfway through the book. The fish tank is the first item I’m letting go of for my step toward simplifying my life, reducing clutter, and stepping out of the cultural push to look to things for my happiness.

Here’s some reasons why this is the first thing to go:

  • I turn the light on in the dark and feed the fish. I turn the light off when I get home after dark. What’s the point? I never spend time relaxing in front of the aquarium.
  • feeding the fish is one more thing I have to do before I can get out the door each day and it adds to my stress level.
  • I’m not going to have a prize-winning aquarium, so why keep it?

Don’t worry; Frank is either going to find a new home for it or start taking care of it himself. Even though it might sound like it, I’m not going to shift everything I want to the people around me. Frank gets the fish tank because it was his to begin with.

3 thoughts on “The Fish Are the First to Go

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  2. Hi Doug, I am enjoying your simplifying life theme lately. Our move this past summer from a four bedroom house to an apartment overseas forced us to face this head on. We decided to make it a priority to keep life simple for as long as we can. We have resisted the urge to enroll the kids in tons of extra activities and to sign up for any type of long term commitments. I try to graciously decline offers that seem to clutter my home or my schedule stating the need to keep things simple. The response I get the most is how they wish they had taken the opportunity when they had it.


  3. I’m really liking this book, Becca. I like the way he has over-arching goals (to simplify, de-clutter, and stop looking to things for happiness), but he doesn’t get bogged down in rules. Instead, he makes them up to work for him as he goes.

    That’s why I’m going to work on the idea of simplifying rather than making myself pare down to 100 items.

    It’s good to hear it was a positive experience for you.


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