4 thoughts on “Morning Commute Cam: Trying to Focus the Blog

  1. Maybe explore the many levels of what Grace means. It is like an onion with layers.
    Grace can be as simple as talents God has given each one of us. Or as complex as: “Redemptive grace is focused most clearly in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, whom Christians call Christ, meaning the one chosen to deliver this particular grace. We might refer to Jesus as Grace himself, as Grace in the flesh, as Grace walking around. The grace of Christ can inspire us in such a transformative way as to change our awareness of ourselves, of our potential as human beings and as humankind, and our awareness of God’s gracious purpose for us and through us for all creation. It is this changed awareness which recognizes a still more specialized form of grace—the grace made available to all who choose to serve God’s hope for all in Christ. This is the grace which makes us disciples and is available as spiritual power for goodness’ sake. Jesus exhibited this kind of power and challenged us to do the same.”

    I kind of like the idea of bringing back the focus to Grace. But really, the topics you talk about and the messages you give is your talent! Your “Grace”. So don’t loose that quality….. There is so many things that can be talked about in so many different areas regarding Grace.
    You got me thinking!!

    Quote from:
    What is meant by the grace of God?


    • I really appreciate the affirmation, LeeGayle.

      I talked this over with a friend at work today. She replied with similar words, and wound up tell me to not be so hard on myself. She suggested that I try and stay 65% on topic, and have fun with the rest.

      I think what’s happened is I’ve emphasized quantity over quality, and by quality I mean taking the time to think and write about grace.

      The cool thing about keeping up a blog about this is if I it doesn’t come out the way I want it to, I can start over : )


  2. Doug, I have appreciated so much your willingness to share your life with us. I appreciate how you share your knowledge of theology with your personal experiences. Your blog is a ministry to us all. I appreciate your love of all kinds of music and how you put it together with some witty words of grace. Grace is such a broad topic, from the prevenient grace we get for free to a photograph of nature’s beauty. Keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll still be your “little saints!”



    • Thank you Gretchen!

      I’ve heard from you and other friends, re-written the “About” page for the blog, and feel a little more focused. We’ll see how it goes!

      I sure to appreciate your visiting the blog!


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