May God Redeem the Suffering in Japan

I recently ran across a forum where “Christians” where debated over whether the recent earthquake and tsunami were the judgement of God.


How can anyone profess to be a follower of Christ and look upon the suffering of others in such a cruel way? It’s no wonder so many people look at Christianity with disdain. I do my best to live a life of acceptance and tolerance, but I can neither accept nor tolerate association with people whose faith leads to such evil conclusions. There is no way people who believe in this way are my brothers or sisters in Christ; the differences between their belief and mine are too great.

Instead of a theology of judgement, how about a theology of redemption? God can redeem the horror of destruction and loss in Japan; God is that powerful. God doesn’t need me to defend the Christian faith. However, I need to defend it for myself. Those who follow God through Christ will pray with the people of Japan and contribute financial aid if they are able.

Here’s one great way to help: UMCOR Pacific Emergency

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