Healing in Unexpected Places

LeeGayle, our Lil’ Saint at icanhasgrace, shares the following story:

Healing can come from the silliest places.

Nicky (5) and I were in Target and he spotted a stuffed animal kitten that looks a lot like our cat Blaze at home. He picked it up and played with it for a minute and noticed it had a hole on the back. He got sad and said, “No one will ever buy this kitty now; she will be alone here forever.” I said, “Someone might,” He said,
“Why would anyone buy a kitty with a hole when they could have a new one?”

I told him that the hole made it special and different but not imperfect.

The cashier said, “You don’t want this one; it has a hole. I can call a
manager and see if they would discount it or they could go get another one
from the toy department ; we have tons of them.”

I could feel Nicky’s eyes watching me to see how I would react. I told the cashier that this was the
kitten that we wanted and we didn’t need a discount. We came home and I asked him if he wanted me to sew up the hole and he said “no she isn’t well yet.” He has played with the kitten for a week or so and even took it to the doctor with him for his well child visit.

Tonight he brought me the kitty and said “mommy, can you sew up the hole now? Our house healed the kitty and she is better now because we loved her.”

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