6 thoughts on “Morning Commute Cam #228: Gratitude Week Day Three

  1. household items with retractable cords
    stickers that peel off in one piece
    just completing a task when the dryer buzzes
    Lifetime movies on a Saturday afternoon


  2. First…Your message on the mirror was not written in lipstick, where would I get lipstick? It was written with a whiteboard marker.

    And econd, my Gratitudes
    I’m grateful that I woke up this morning, better than the alternative!
    I’m grateful that my Mom’s health seem’s to be improving.
    i’m grateful that Josie likes to jog (I couldn’t go to the gym this a.m. so she and I jogged around the neighborhood; I think she prefers to run)
    I’m grateful that no one was killed in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Tornadoes.
    I’m grateful for small glimmers of happiness throughout the day… bits of light in the midst of darkness.


  3. 1. My health (I’ve now lost 10 lbs) and my daughter’s health
    2. I moved to a window spot and get to look at Vandy’s campus each day
    3. My faith and the resurrection
    4. Friends, family and animals that bring a smile to my face
    5. Aubrey, my little sunshine, who remains the light of my world


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