Last Day of Gratitude Week: Share Your Five


I’m off work today so there’s no commute. But there is time for gratitude:

Birds at the feeder while I drink morning coffee.

A day with Ben and Ruth.

Friends, old and new.

My faith.’s lil’ saints.

Have a happy Easter.

3 thoughts on “Last Day of Gratitude Week: Share Your Five

  1. Five things I’m grateful for today:
    Good Friday and its reminder of the ultimate sacrifice and real meaning of grace
    sunshine and blue skies after the storms
    safe travels and a good visit with my dad
    time off from work
    freedom to express our views


  2. Today I am so grateful for . . .

    The generous people at BUMC who took our third grade Lenten Heifer project seriously
    The amazing friendship of Melissa Paige Glasgow
    Lessons learned from my Lenten abstinence from alcohol
    Sparks of recognition of the unconditional love of God


  3. Joseph Martin’s “Colors of Grace
    John Rutter’s “Requirem”
    “Amazing Grace” played at a graveside service on a violin today
    “You Are My Sunshine” sung at the bedside of a friend
    Singing “He Lives” at Easter Sunrise


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