Still Waiting

image Thank you for your courage, endurance, and hope, Yoryi.

Our stories are similar. And while I continue to hope for change, I do not believe it will happen in the United Methodist Church.

I am finally reaching a place of acceptance. It is happening as I find acceptance outside of the UMC. It grieves me to realize that the ties that bind are loosening for me, mostly for the sake of my children. But by grace they have grown to an age where they are able to make choices of their own, and I have to admit that, when it comes to the Methodist stand on homosexuality, my stubbornness in sticking with it hasn’t done them any favors.

Until that day, when justice shall roll down like waters, and righteous like an ever-flowing stream, I am still waiting. Hope, however, left me years ago. I’m only now admitting it.

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