Sister Faegela and someone meeting the Sisters for the first time.

I wrote the following letter to my House, The Music City Sisters, not long ago:

Back in high school, I remember watching the football players during pep rallies, how the laughed and joked with each other, but specifically how they were so comfortable touching each other.

I remember the quarterback sitting on the bleachers, leaning back into the legs of the right tackle sitting behind him. As I watched I experienced an intense feeling of longing. Yes, these were big muscled football players, so there was that, but more than that, I longed for the easy connection I saw.</p><p>

Fast forward to a random night at The Stirrup a couple of years ago, before I ever talked to the handsome Noah Fence, before I conversed with the oddity who is Faegela, before I licked Sister Mary’s hairy back at a bear-chested night, and before I became a Sister myself. There sat Sister Sissy and Sister Genie by the door, and Sister Genie was leaning back into Sister Sissy’s legs. They didn’t know me; they didn’t know I was watching. But there I was, a man in his forties, with a family, a lover, and with children, yet I felt that longing from high school as if I were there again.

Thank you, Sissy and Genie, for making me remember to long for something more.

When we’re out in the community, we invite those whom we encounter to comfortably lean back between our legs.

I want to lean back between your legs, Sisters.

Mine are open wide.

Be love,

Ann Wenita Morelove
The Valentine Nun

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