4 thoughts on “Marriage Equality: Morning Commute Cam #367

  1. Doug, everyone should care that so many have been hurt, be they christian or pagan. Defrocking that priest was cruel, as cruel and unusual as any other group that refused to marry him.

    Deliberate cruelty is a subject about which everyone should care.


    • I agree! I didn’t say what I was thinking very well. What I meant was, my church as a denomination has been declining for at least 50 years. Equal rights for LGBT folks are just one example where it has dropped the ball and society has gone running ahead, taking believers with it.


  2. As a happily legally married gay man, yes we still have a long way to go.
    The good news for you as this is the weekend we Fall Back, turn the clock back an hour when you go to bed. You gain an hour Dahlink! I get to spend an extra hour in Roanoke VA since I’ll be out for a visit with the parental units.


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