Not in Session | Start Workout

circuit workout

It’s too bad I have to actually do these exercises for them to do any good.

I can think of a plethora of reasons not to press that start button. My head is fuzzy from medication and sleep. I have a day’s worth of work to do before I can leave for work (get dinner into the slow cooker, empty the litter boxes, collect and take the trash to the road, shower, get dressed, the list goes on). I simply do not have time for it. Even getting up at 5 am doesn’t afford me enough time for this twenty minute workout.

Why can’t I just look at the exercises and blog about my complete lack of desire to move from this warm bed have the desired effect? Life may be full of possibilities, but exercise by osmosis isn’t one of them.

I know what will get me going. I’ll turn on some music to start my day…and dream of a [boy] I used to know. I’ll close my eyes… Shit, that’s not helping at all!


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