Sisters at Sea

Sisters at Sea

I’m past due with an update about the Drag Stars at Sea Cruise. In a word, it was fabulous. It’s been a challenge to focus on an opening post to share because the week was absolutely enjoyable. While there are several stories sure to come, my greatest joy was spending time in ministry with my Sisters.

Fourteen Sisters were on board, hailing from Minneapolis, Raleigh, Louisville, an Nashville. Except for the Nashville contingent, these Sisters are members of Mission Houses that are going through the process of becoming a official House in their respective cities. Every Sister aboard worked that ship!

It warmed my heart that be a part of a group with working to inspire joy, end guilt, and be love in such a unique setting. The occasion left me with a strengthened comment to the work. More than ever I realize that serving others is how I experience joy and love.

Thank you, Sisters for working with me, teaching me, and inspiration me!

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