Olive Oil and Mudras

Olive Oil

I’ve followed a new morning routine this week. After I let the dogs out and feed them and the cats, I come back upstairs to the bathroom, strip, and cover myself with olive oil. Then I go into the closest, shut the door, and meditate in half lotus position for eleven minutes. I practice a mudra and attempt to empty my mind. A Chakra chime app that mimics the sound of a singing bowl signals the end of meditation. I then shower and use Suave conditioner to wash off the olive oil.

I am amazed at the peace that meditating has brought me, and at how soft my skin is after just one week. I shared my newfound routine with work colleagues and they laughed. I can’t blame them. The combination of olive oil, nudity, and closet is pretty funny. But hey, it’s working. I’m not too worried about what they or anyone else thinks. I’m getting to the age where I’m entitled to a little eccentricity.

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